Mood Lighting

Light up your venue with a great atmosphere.

Kaleidoscope Roadshow is proud to be able to offer this exquisite lighting service that will enhance your wedding day giving your day that “wow!” factor for you and your guests.

By installing colour changing LED wash lights discreetly around your chosen venue it can completely transform the look and feel of a room, changing the whole atmosphere of the room and become a talking point for the day without taking emphasis off of the main attraction, which is of course the bride and groom.

Many colours are available and in most cases it is possible to match the colour scheme of your flowers, centerpieces or linen to bring it all together and co-ordinate the scheme.

Darker colours will naturally be harder to replicate and other factors such as time of day, time of year, layout of the room and even the wall material can affect the lights colour and overall look, for these reasons a venue visit is advised so that a colour can be agreed on and if it is not possible to get the exact colour then alternate contrasting colours could be used.

The amount of lights used can vary the way the can look for example a couple of lights placed in specific areas can be used to accent some of the stand out features of the room (alcoves, corners, fireplaces, windows etc…) leaving the majority of the room in normal light, whereas having many lights placed around the perimeter of the room can flood the entire room in your chosen colour or colours.

As always we offer and encourage free no obligation consultations at your venue of choice to ensure the best way to see what works best for your day and how your room can be transformed .

Enquire today for more information and prices.