It’s your wedding day, celebrate the way you want!

Congratulations, Whether you have been dreaming about this special day since you were little or you have found the right partner and the time is right, you will want a day that you will cherish, remember, have fun and be with all those that you hold close.

So you may have already chosen the

  • wedding dress you wanted
  • the flowers you wanted
  • the venue you wanted
  • the food you wanted

Why not have the entertainment that you want and do it your way!

We have heard many stories of couples choosing the venue that they fell in love with then being told they have to have the package DJ or entertainment! This is a false statement, however,it’s not always the venues fault after all if they have done weddings there the same way for months then they are not going to want to change that.

Would you be told what photographer, florist or cake maker you had to use?

Chances are the answer to that question will be no! and your entertainment should be the same, Kaleidoscope Roadshow is not tied down to any one venue and we work for you not the venue so we do things how you would like to do them.

From before you walk down the aisle to the last moments of the reception where all your Family and friends are together with you on the dance floor in one final embrace and everything in between, it can all be planned and produced to give great and lasting memories.

The team of wedding DJ’s here are experienced in providing wedding entertainment and are always happy to talk about your day with you offering advice and information, the DJ you talk to will be the DJ that plans with you and will be there on the day.

There is so much to talk about and plan for your wedding day entertainment so get in contact today to arrange your free no obligation consultation.

Office: 02380 016 454 | Mobile: 07886 432 415

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