Mirror balls, Light screens, vinyl, classic music, dodgy haircuts and questionable fashion styles all thrown in for that ultimate retro feel.

Kaleidoscope Roadshow presents “Retroscope” a throwback to the times when it all started, a retro disco package that adds the ultimate nostalgia for any 70’s, 80’s or school disco party throughout Southampton, Hampshire and the south of England.

So, why would we do this you ask?

Well, the term retro and vinatge are becoming more popular and it occured to us here at Kaleidoscope Roadshow that the best accompyment to any Seventies or Eighties theme night would be equipment used in that era at the good old city centre discos. Since we have a problem throwing things away we kept are equipment in working order and have used it to produce a package suitable for only the best theme nights.

Yes thats right our old equipment as used in the 1980’s is still working and this is is what we use today to acheive the nostalgia and vintage feel from those years, the mirror balls and light boxes look as good today as they did in the 80’s. We took out the cheesy radio voices “pop pickers” and added in modern, reliable audio systems to make it the ultimate in retro chic.

Each retro mobile disco is tailored to your requirements and a free no obligation meeting can be arranged to discuss your party, either before or after you book. For the added feel your DJ’s can arrive dressed for the occasion with Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses or if that’s not retro enough how about a nice pink business suit and a man perm.

You can also combine this with our L.E.D. room lighting service to create one almighty retro experience for your guests.

If you are throwing a party, remember the great times of the sixties, seventies and the eighties, or even if you don’t, but want to add a bit of fun and something different for your
guests to talk about for weeks to come then make your event a RETROSCOPE party.

Available for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas parties, School Proms, Corporate Events and more, call now for more information or to book your initial consultation.

02380 016454