A history of how Kaleidoscope Roadshow’s song began.

Kaleidoscope Roadshow was the brainchild of Bob and was established in 1982, starting off as just a hobby, with two turntables, some hand built light screens, microphones and some speakers. As time went on the amount of light screens grew as was the style and when fully assembled and switched on they created a Kaleidoscope effect.

Growing in popularity the disco went from being just a hobby to a business opportunity, with the aim of providing the highest quality entertainment for our customers. We attributed the growing succes of the disco to the way we worked, this was different to the current trends of talking over half the record, trying to tell bad jokes or only playing music the dj wanted. Instead of this Kaleidoscope Roadshow was letting the music speak for itself, not telling jokes, playing music that was requested by our customers and by keeping microphone use to an acceptable minimum, this way we let the music speak for itself and the jokes were left to the comedians.

With the addition of Bob’s faithful son (Jon) Kaleidoscope Roadshow moved in to the future and while the technology and traditions may have change our aim has stayed the same to the present day, we still encourage and take requests and we still keep microphone use to minimum.

Kaleidoscope Roadshow has travelled all over the U.K. supplying good times for many families and Orginizations such as The British Army, Wiltshire Constabulary,Hampshire Constabulary, Wilton Royal Hunt, Le Crueset, Virgin Megastores, BHS, Arcadia Group, Sparsholt College, Fair Oak Carnival, James Hay Solicitors, Y Zone Youth Club the list goes on and so do the good times.

All of us here at Kaleidoscope Roadshow enjoy what we do and are more than happy to go any distance, any time for anyone that wants to have a good time.