Behind the lights

Take a look at the faces “Behind the lights” here at Kaleidoscope Roadshow.


bobThis is Bob, The Main Man, he doesn’t get photographed very often because he prefers to be the other side of the lens but likes to have a laugh, always happy helpful and stays calm even in the trickiest of situations.

Born in Banbury he has requested that his age not be on here (spoilsport!).


jonThis is Jon and is not only Bob’s right hand man but also his son, he takes after his Dad in the fact that he is always smiling and friendly. Jon has been working on Kaleidoscope Roadshow’s team since he was a tender age of 13 and through being around music and the DJ culture for so long he really loves the feeling of getting a crowd going and you may see him get a little carried away trying to dance behind the lights during the night. Musically Jon loves a bit of everything although he is most passionate about soul, funk, and motown but also has a guilty pleasure of all those cheesy favorites.

Born in Salisbury in the great year that was 1982 making him a respectable 32, and has recently started training his own Children, Mackenzie, Melody and Maya, on the ones and twos so look out for additional DJ’s coming in soon.